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Question: How do you review a book?

This is a process that has come to me after a few months of reviews, it’s kind of funny to look back at my older reviews and realize how much my writing and my reading techniques have changed in just the 8 months I’ve been blogging.  (*eek* It’s been 9 months!! Wowza!)

First, I read the book. If I’m reading on my iPad (or another eReader) I highlight and note as I read the book, right on the screen. If it’s a paper book I have a composition notebook where I take notes. (This does take me a little longer to read the book, and lately I’ve started sticking post it notes in the pages I want to remember rather than pausing to write down notes. )

ASAP after I finish reading, I write down at least the main points I know I want my review to hit – although lately, again? I’ve been writing the full review right away. I typically write my review in Evernote. That way it doesn’t matter where I am, on my phone, iPad or Computer. I can re-read it, email it to my husband for his opinion, etc. I typically take about an hour to write a review – between my initial thoughts and the edits that I make and re-read.

Then I let it sit! I never like to post a review right away. I like to think on it a few day, read it a time or two and edit as I see fit. Sometimes I’ll think of things I forgot to add, things I decide I’d rather not mention, etc.

Finally – time to publish it! I  use Windows Live Writer with the Text Template plugin so that I can easily plug in the post information! The actual publishing takes just a few minutes.

Lastly, I promote it. I use facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I have Feedburner set up to auto post to both facebook and twitter. Then I also have the Tweet Old Post plug in for WordPress, so the post will continue to be promoted occasionally for the next six months. I also occasionally use twuffer.com to schedule tweets (but I’m not as good at doing this as I’d like because it’s time consuming.)

The process of reviewing is something that I think you really need to figure out what works for you and run with it! (But I always love reading what other people do when they write their reviews, much like I like reading how authors write their books!)

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