What the…?! {Pinterest and Your Blog}

How often do you come across a news article, a tweet or a blog entry and say “What the heck?!” I do it all the time, and so I started “What The…?!”  a new feature here at For Love and Books – basically just a catch-all for my Bookish Thoughts – be they current events or general topics.

Today’s Topic? Pinterest and Your Blog!

PrintI’m sure that by now you know about Pinterest, right? In case you haven’t, I did some searching and found “Pinterest, what’s the fuss?” which gives a pretty good overview.

Editing to add: I pre-scheduled this post earlier this week, and now that Bloggiesta is in full swing? I’ve noticed that Joy from Joy’s Book Blog has a Pinterest Mini-Challenge that goes right along with this post! I also just noticed (after I posted) that The Well Read Wife had an article on Blogher as well!

But what I really want to talk about is how Pinterest can benefit your blog, and also a few etiquette tips!

I have been a Pinterest Addict since the early days of the site, my boards are full of everything you can imagine! (And many of the recipes and crafts I’ve tried have been HUGE hits!) But it wasn’t until the past week or so that it really clicked that I could use this site to help build my blog.

pinterestSure, I’ve had a books board there for awhile, but why would I pin my reviews there? Most of my friends are on Pinterest to pretend that their alter ego is Martha Stewart, not to see what book their geeky friend Jac has been reading lately.

Then I realized, isn’t that what the site is all about? You find recipes, you find clothing ideas and hairstyles (The Katniss Braid, anyone?) and how to make a wreath our of socks. So why wouldn’t you search for a book to read? Then, I saw a friend re-pin “25 Series to Read if you loved The Hunger Games” and I thought hey! I could just start pinning my reviews! Clearly, it wasn’t the most original thought! In fact? It rather smacked me upside the head.

The more I started pinning my reviews, the more I started wishing there were an easier way to do it! So I searched. (And searched, and searched…) I tried a few WP Plug-Ins, but they just weren’t working. FINALLY! I found a tutorial “How to Add a Pin-It Button to your Blog”. So simple; so genius! (So feel free to Pin this post!)

Before I end this post! (I know; sorry it’s so long!) I wanted to drop some etiquette. Miss Manners has a pretty good post on the proper way to give credit where it’s due! (Which is something we, as book bloggers, should recognize the importance of!)

I’m curious – how do you use Pinterest to help your blog? What are some of your favorite finds? And what’s your Pinterest page? (Here’s mine!)

Pin It!

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