What the… {Reading Slumps}

How often do you come across a news article, a tweet or a blog entry and say "What the heck?!" I do it all the time, and so I started “What The…?!”  a new feature here at For Love and Books – basically just a catch-all for my Bookish Thoughts – be they current events or general topics.

Today’s Topic? How to beat a Reading Slump

We’ve all had that moment, that period of time, where our reading slows down and possibly even stops. The entire month of March, and so far into April, has been that way for me. Reading has become a chore, something I don’t really need to/want to do too often.

I’m not sure if it’s the books I’ve tried to read, the hectic pace of my life, or the fact that the Formula 1 season has returned! But whatever the case, I’ve had bad book mojo and I desperately want to break it.


The other night, after much debate I decided to reach for one of my favorites. So, I grabbed a bowl of popcorn (and a brownie and some tic-tacs!) and started to read.

I slipped magically back into the world of Anna and Etienne *swoon* and I loved every minute of it. I remembered why I love books and why they are such a great escape for me. I just read, and read and read – until I eventually fell asleep.

But as soon as I was finished with Anna, the magic was gone. I’ve tried and tried and I can’t slip back into reading. I’m not sure if I need a break, if I need something very different, or what! But I need help! 

What was your longest reading slump, and what broke you out of it?

How do you typically break a reading slump? A new genre? A new author?


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