Bloggiesta || The Home Stretch

I hope you’ve all been having lots of success with Bloggiesta! I was looking at my list tonight (Saturday), one last time before I head to bed and I thought I should do an updated post, so that I can re-organize my list and add one more little item! (Maybe two or three before I finish this!)

I’ve learned so much this weekend, made so many improvements to my blog! I had a great time at the chat on Friday night, and hope to make the one on Sunday. I’ve followed 17 new blogs, and just as many on twitter. Up until now, I would say this whole party has been a success!

And now… the list!

  • Implement some new SEO  (Much thanks to April @ Good Books and Good Wine with her Get Noticed and SEO posts!) (See what I did there? LOL!)
  • Write and Schedule a month worth of Meme’s (Top Ten Tuesday & TGIF)
  • Write and Schedule 2 months worth of discussion posts
  • Organize my Blog Calendar/Planner (Update with Review Due Dates) Now the trick is to actually follow this!
  • Add Pin It button to Blog. DONE! Thanks to this tutorial!
  • Clean Up the Bottom Bar of my Blog
  • Get Broken Link Checker  Installed Broken Link Checker! Thanks to Gone With The Words for the idea!
  • Add “About Author” box to bottom of posts Scratching this from the list – I don’t like how cluttered it makes the bottom!
  • Learn to better utilize Pinterest for my Blog – I’d pre-scheduled a post already, but figured out some new things this weekend so I updated the post!
  • Add Privacy Policy
  • Rearrange Pages (Make separate About Me/About Blog and Policies Pages)
  • Clean out Google Reader (This needs done DESPERATELY!)
  • Update my Templates in WLW (or even better? Find a plug-in that does it auto to WP!)
Now that you have my updated list (and some of my favorite new links/tutorials/etc that I’ve found!) what is the best thing you’ve done for your blog with Bloggiesta? Your favorite/most helpful Mini-Challenge?

Pin It!

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